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20 Signs You’re A Crazy Newfoundland Person And Proud Of It

Ever wonder if your obsession with your Newfoundland is healthy or if you may be entering into crazy territory?

Well, let’s just say if more than a few of these points apply to you, there’s no denying that you are indeed a crazy Newfoundland person!

But don’t worry, you’re in good company because most people that are owned by Newfies are proud of it. 

Here are some of the most tell-telling signs that you’re a little wacko and definitely Newfie blessed & Newfie obsessed:

(Don’t forget to rate your crazy level using the chart at the end of this article and share it!)

You Purchase a Car That Is Newfie-Friendly (1 point)

One of the most frequently asked questions in the Newfie community is: “What type of vehicle do you drive that your Newfies fit comfortably in?”

Spoiler alert: many veteran Newfie owners recommend a minivan or a small cargo van.

I drove a Chevy Suburban for 10+ years and loved that it fit 2 Newfies comfortably.

The only downside was that I had to buy a dog ramp so that the Newfs could easily get in and out.

I now drive a Jeep Wrangler which fits both Newfies with the rear seats for folded down but it’s not ideal.

Brown Newfoundland dog in Jeep Wrangler

You Modified That Newfie-Friendly Car (1 point)

Another important part of having a Newfie vehicle is modifying it.

This normally includes Newfie decals proudly showing your crazy status, extra storage space, seat covers and outlets for fans.

Oh, and a space for the XL dog ramp. 


Dog Hair Is Your Most Worn Accessory (1 point)

It’s not dog hair, it’s Newfie glitter and it’s everywhere.

Newf people have come to accept this reality, and it does go with everything. 

You Can’t Do Anything Alone (1 point)

You have a permanent Newfervisor now and your days of being alone are now gone.

Every step you take, every snack you eat, they’ll be watching you.

You’ve Cleaned Dog Slobber Off the Ceiling More Than Once (1 point)

Let’s be honest, we don’t clean the dog slobber off the ceiling once a week or even once a month but eventually we need to paint the ceiling so we have to clean the slobber off of it.

Unless of course it hardens and falls off on its own but that’s rare because Newfie drool is like glue. 

You Would Rather Stay Home (1 point)

Your Newfie is perfectly capable of being left home alone but the vision of their sad face when you walked out the door is imbedded into your brain now and you won’t be happy until you’re back in their paws. 

We all just want to stay home with our Newfies.

You Talk to Strangers (1 point)

We were taught as children to not talk to strangers but as soon as you got your first Newf you realized that was not an option in your new life. 

Strangers are drawn to your dog and you can’t go anywhere in public without being asked at least 12 common questions about the bear that you’re walking. 

Dog Hair is a Condiment in Your House (1 point)

There’s salt, pepper, sugar, coffee creamer, ketchup, mustard, and dog hair.

It makes a meal complete.

Newfoundland dog wearing drool bib


Your Dog Wears a Personalized Bib (1 point)

Let’s face it, Newfs drool and bibs are cute. 

You don’t have just one drool bib though, you have an entire collection.

Bibs for every season and every nickname your dog has. 

You’ve Been to the Emergency Room at Least Once for a Newfoundland Related Injury. (1 point)

I’m not talking about an emergency trip to the vet, or an ER visit for you. 

Chipped tooth, dislocated shoulder, broken toe, deviated septum, road rash.

You’ll experience at least one during your Newf-time and you’ll need to seek medical attention and tell the entire story to every doctor and nurse working that shift.

You Bought a King-Sized Bed (1 point)

For your dog.

You bought a king-sized bed so so that you can all sleep comfortably together but that’s not the case.

After the first night in your new roomy bed, you sleep on the couch because your Newf is snoring and breathing hot air in your face. 

You’ve Perfected Fake Drowning (1 point)

Newfoundlands are known for being water rescue dogs so sometimes you have to fake drown to see if they’ll save you. 

Every weekend you spend your free time in the lake fake drowning so that your Newf can tune into their water rescue skills. 

Even if your Newfie doesn’t like swimming, you still fake drown a few times a year to see if the instance has surfaced. 

Your Thermostat is Set to the Comfort of Your Newfoundland (1 point)

No matter the season, the comfort of your Newfie is what is most important so your house is set to “Newfie Comfort”.

This means that you wear a sweater, coat, and mittens year-round in your house and your car.

Newfie Apparel Junky (1 point)

Speaking of clothes, you traded in your business casual outfits for Newfie hoodies, tees and baseball caps. 

The world needs to know that you love your Newfie!

You Decorate To Blend the Dog Hair, Slobber and Mud (1 point)

The color of your furniture, floors and walls all were chosen with great care in an attempt to make them blend well with DIY Newfie decorations. 

Meaning, hide the evidence. 

But it still shows dog hair and slobber.

You’re a Vacuum Cleaners R Us Manager (1 point)

You’re always searching for a vacuum cleaner because yours keeps breaking. 

You now have a collection in your storage closet or basement.

You’ve had more vacuum cleaners in your Newf’s life than your mother had her entire motherhood.

NO vacuum cleaner lasts for longer than a year when you have multiple Newfs but you’ll make it your life mission to find one. 

Your Newf Has Its Own Savings Account (1 point)

And it’s more than you have in yours.

Nothing more needs to be said here. 

Your Newf Has More Grooming Tools Than You (1 point)

And a dog dryer that costs no less than $300.

Sometimes you use their grooming tools too. 

You Haven’t Been to the Bathroom Alone In Years (1 point)

It’s impossible.

You need an audience and they need to make sure that you’re okay.

Big sigh. 

Remember, you’re under constant Newfivision

Your iPhone Camera Is Filled With Pictures Of Your Newfie Doing Nothing (1 point)

I mean, they’re just so cute how can you not take a picture of them napping or staring at you?

All you need is a love and a Newfoundland

And you’re not afraid to admit it.

Go ahead, rate your crazy!


crazy Newfoundland owner quiz

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Jan Flesher

Friday 20th of October 2023

Hey Jen! I got a 16! When my Newf gal was alive! Thankfully no emergency room visits in her lifetime! As for my bed, my Queen Newf had her own sofa-bed! As for a bib, nope, I just let that drool flow! Water slobbers too!!! Hoping more adventures one day in the future! Luv, Jan

Shawn Hoskins

Thursday 19th of October 2023

19 for me. The fake drowning is the only part I’ve not done, although he started rescuing me from the shower at 6mo so now I have glass doors. My boys are my world and I am currently looking for a work from home job so they don’t have to watch me leave. ????????

Joan Paccione

Thursday 19th of October 2023

Love the Newfie quiz . It is always comforting to know what you know - I scored a 20 ! I am crazy about my Newfies and all Newfies !


Thursday 19th of October 2023

I only had 12 points!? Fortunately, Darcy has never had slobber make it to the ceiling and her kennel and ginormous dog cushion are big enough for me to sleep on so no need for a bigger human bed (too tall for her anyway). I keep looking at Newfie-inspired clothes and I am on the cusp of a wardrobe change. I did trade my Prius in for a Kia Sedona when she was still small because I couldn't fit the Newf and GSD in the same car. And I added rubber-backed carpet to the back of the van so it would cover the spots where the, now almost permanently folded into floor, seats attach. The second row seats are also folded vertically to give more entry and exit room. I say the van is for the dogs and grandkids, but it was the dogs that I bought it for. :) Those cute little retractable window screens are permanently retracted because they block the view from her windows and I have a box full of dog stuff that goes with me everywhere. I also show random people pics of my dog(s) - there should be at least 1 point for that, LOL.


Thursday 19th of October 2023

I have a score of 18 also! No savings account and yes we have a king bed but the dogs aren't allowed on it. My husband drew the line there. Haha!

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