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The Dog Owner’s Ultimate Fall Checklist

Fall is by far my most favorite time of the year and I always get so excited when the weather starts to change.

Right now in Ohio, we are having the perfect fall weather.

Cool and crisp mornings and evenings and days that are in the low 70’s! I hope it stays that way because the dogs and I are enjoying it!

The changing of the season got me thinking, should we be preparing our dogs for the change too?

As humans, we make a lot of changes when the weather shifts. We turn on the furnace, break out warmer clothes, bring in the patio furniture, change our dinner menu, winterize our pools and cars and even switch out decor. 

There are a lot of things we can be doing for our dogs now too!


Fall Backyard Checklist

Your backyard is considered a safe spot for your dog but during the fall months, there are many dangers that can be lurking there. 

Acorns, ticks and mushrooms are all things that can be dangerous to dogs and your backyard might be full of them during September, October and November. 

According to the CDC, ticks are most active during  April-October.

It’s a good idea to always check your yard for ticks and to check your dog when they come in from outside.

If you do find a tick lurking on your dog, don’t panic.


You’ll want to remove the tick as soon as possible can ticks are nasty little creatures that carry some pretty nasty diseases like Lyme disease. 

It’s pretty easy to remove a tick from a dog and if you have a tick kit close by, it’s even easier!


use tweezers to remove the tick from the top

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Backyard mushrooms are another worry and fall is prime time for them to pop up in your yard. 

Always make sure that you’re checking your yard for mushrooms because there are several varieties can that are not only poisonous to dogs but some can be fatal if eaten. 

In the fall it can be hard to see mushrooms because they can be hiding under leaves so it’s a good idea to keep your yard as tidy as you can during the autumn months. 

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Acorns are another danger and I’ve about had my fill of picking them up from our yard!

If eaten in large quantities, acorns can be toxic dogs.

If it’s possible for you to train your dog to stop eating acorns then the next best thing is to just accept defeat and pick them up.

acorns are seeds that fall from an oak tree and they contain tannin which is an acid

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Fall Care For Your Dog’s Coat

Don’t forget to take some time and to get your dog’s coat ready for the cooler months ahead.

Right now many dogs will begin to shed their summer coat and it’s important to brush them daily to help remove the loose undercoat so new hair can grow.

Linecombing is a great way to do that!

When the furnace turns on, you might notice that your dog’s coat gets dry and static starts to happen.

There are a few ways you can help to reduce static electricity.


dog breeds that shed in the fall and winter

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Fall Dog Treats

And of course, if your dog has been the best dog all summer, there are some quick and easy dog treats you can bake for them such as homemade sweet potato chews and baked apple chips 

These recipes are super easy and they make your house smell soooooo good!

Our newest fall recipe is apple and sweet potato dog treat twists.

This is currently Odin’s favorite treat and it’s low-fat, perfect for bigs and pretty easy to make!


Homemade Apple and Sweet Potato Dog Treat Twists

Pumpkins for Dogs

October is the time to pumpkin everything!

If you’re looking for some fun dog-themed pumpkins we have an easy guide for awesome pumpkin carvings and stencils

I also just ordered these really cute dog stencils from our friend over at Huckleberry Creations on Etsy

She has stencils for almost every breed of dog!

And don’t forget to make some homemade pumpkin puree for your dogs this fall. 

I always make a few batches and freeze it so that I can use it all winter long!

Check out: Easy Dog Pumpkin Carving Patterns

Muddy Dogs

Fall is prime mud season here in Ohio and if mud is a problem where you are, it’s a good idea to have a plan in place to keep a lot of that mud from being tracked into your home.

We have a pretty good system here including a DIY muddy paw station and a few simple solutions I use for those problematic mud areas in the yard. 

Check out: Simple Solutions To Reduce Dog Mud in Your Yard

We hope you and your dogs have the best fall season ahead!



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