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21 Types Of People That Should Never Own A Newfoundland

Newfoundlands are a special breed and they have many traits that are unique to them.

Newfies make wonderful family companions for the right people but they are not the breed for everyone due to some of their special traits.

Because of this, there are certain people who shouldn’t own one.

Here are 20 types of people who should never own a Newfoundland:

21 people that should not own a newfoundland

1. People who like to keep a clean house

Newfoundlands shed.

A lot.

24 hours a day

365 days a year.

They also have paws made out of sponges that soak up every ounce of mud. 

Their guard hairs pick up burrs and leaves.

They have dander and an oily coat that leaves marks on your wall.

They also drool and love to fling that drool on your walls, ceiling, furniture and windows.

If you like clean floors, don’t want to vacuum daily, don’t like to wash walls, you should not own a Newfie.

21 people that should not own a newfoundland

2. People who don’t like dog hair

Did I mention that Newfies shed?

If I didn’t, they do.

Their hair gets everywhere.

On your clothes, in your food, in your car and you even bring it on vacation with you.

If you’re allergic to dogs, don’t like dog hair in your butter, you should not own a Newfoundland.

3. People who need personal space

If you value your personal space, skip getting a Newfie.

You are the most important thing in a Newfie’s life and they will follow you to the end of the earth if you let them. 

These are called Velcro Newfies.

They’ll follow you to the bathroom, out the door and everywhere else they can fit.

They also like to Newfervise every single thing that you’re doing to ensure that you are doing it correctly. 

If you need personal space, don’t get a Newfie.

21 types of people that should not own a newfoundland

4. People who don’t like the snow and cold

Newfies are a cold-weather breed that love the snow and cold. 

Most Newfie owners spend a good amount of time trying to bribe their Newf to come inside when there’s a fresh coating of snow on the ground and when the temps dip into the single digits. 

Even inside their homes, Newfie owners sacrifice warm heat to keep their dog comfortable. 

If you can’t stand the cold, don’t get a Newfoundland.

5. People who don’t have a sense of humor

Newfies are goofy.

They’ll do things that you’ve never seen a dog do and then they’ll do it again.

Some of the things will actually be less favorable than other things so you have to have the ability to laugh about it or you’ll go out of your mind.

If you’re not paying adequate attention to your Newfie, they will do something silly to get your attention. 

If laughing isn’t in your DNA, you shouldn’t get a Newfoundland.

 6. People who don’t like dog drool

Dog slobber isn’t for everyone.

Most people have to get used to it and not everyone will have that ability.

Newfies drool, some more than others.

If you like the breed but not the drool, don’t get a Newfoundland.

7. People who don’t have time for training

Newfoundlands are super smart but they don’t train themselves.

Just like every other dog breed, they need lots of training, socialization, and guidance to be the amazing dog they were born to be.

If you can’t dedicate the time to train your Newfoundland, you should not get a Newfie. 

8. People who don’t like water

Most Newfies have a love for water and they’re drawn to large bodies of it. 

Not necessarily water from the hose but big puddles, big water bowls, and anything where they can submerge their bodies. 

If you don’t like getting wet or have a fear of being near large bodies of open water, the Newfie isn’t the breed for you.

9. People who don’t like to give chest rubs and belly rubs

You can’t walk by a Newfie without them trying to reach out and trip you with their tree trunk legs because they need a belly rub.

And when you’re sitting on the couch, they demand a chest rub until otherwise stated. 

If you can’t take the time to dish out constant belly rubs and chest rubs, don’t get a Newfoundland.

10. People who don’t like heavy breathing

It doesn’t matter what temperature it is outside or inside, a Newfie is always panting because they’re hot.

Sometimes they’re doing this while sitting on top of the AC vent and other times they do this at your bedside at 5:00 in the morning. 

They also snore. 


If heavy breathing sounds make you cringe, don’t get a Newfie.

11. People who don’t want to wait for a puppy

If you want a Newfie, don’t expect to get one right away.

You should take your time to research quality breeders and be prepared to wait for a litter to be born.

Buying a Newfoundland puppy from a less than stellar breeder will be your first mistake as a Newfoundland owner.

If you can’t wait a year to get a puppy, don’t get a Newfoundland.

21 types of people that should not own a newfie

12. People who don’t take the time to understand the breed

Newfies are a working breed.

As working dogs, they are smart, strong, and happiest when they are working alongside their owner.

If you don’t want to take the time to understand the working needs of a Newfoundland and what you can do to fill that need to prevent behavior problems, you should not get a Newfoundland.

13. People who are gone all the time

Newfoundlands are happiest when they’re with their family.

Their life revolves around you and they want nothing more than to spend all their time with their people.

Most of them are fine when they are left for short periods of time but they are definitely not a breed that likes to be alone for extended periods.

If you don’t have time to spend with your Newfie, you should wait to get one until you do.

21 types of people that should not own a newfoundland

14. People who don’t like other people

This is a hard one and one that I struggled with for the first several years of owning a Newfie.

Newfies are people magnets and where ever you go in public with your Newfie, you are sure to draw a crowd. 

You’ll be asked the same questions over and over again and it will get very annoying after the 10th time. 

The way I got over this was to look at it as an educational moment. 

You’re educating the public on the breed which is definitely something we need more of!

15. People who want their yard to be perfect

Newfies create a lot of wear and tear on things inside the house and outside the house. 

They like to pee on top of flowers and walk through bushes. 

They also create a lot of mud intentionally and unintentionally. 

If you want a picture-perfect yard, don’t get a Newfoundland.

don't get a newfie

17. People who don’t like to exercise

While the Newfoundland breed isn’t considered a high-energy breed, they still need daily exercise.

They aren’t couch potatoes like the media makes them out to be. 

Puppies, seniors and adult Newfies still require daily walks and other activities to keep them in shape. 

If you want a dog that doesn’t need exercise, don’t get a Newfoundland

18. People who want a gentle giant from the start

Newfoundlands are popularly known as a “gentle giant” and most of them they are when they are full-grown adults. 

A Newfie puppy is going to be like any other puppy except bigger. 

They will have lots of energy, be destructive and need to be trained.

Most of them won’t become “gentle” until 2-4 years of age. 

If you want a gentle giant from the start, don’t get a Newfoundland puppy. 

19. People who don’t like grooming 

Newfies have a double coat that requires weekly if not daily grooming in order for their coat to grow properly. 

If you can’t dedicate time every week to comb or brush your Newfoundland, don’t get one.

types of people that should not own a newfoundland

20. People who don’t want to change their lifestyle

Newfies will change your life and if you’re not ready for your life to be changed, don’t get a Newfoundland. 

21. People that don’t have a big and strong heart

When given the chance, a Newfie will fill your heart with so much love and joy so you need a big heart to take all that love in. 

On the flip side, one day way before you’re ready, a Newfie will break your big heart when they move on to their next life. 

Loving and losing a Newfie is not for those with a weak heart, so if you can’t take another heartbreak in life, don’t get a Newfoundland.

Final Thoughts

This isn’t a dig on anyone. 

The Newfie is a wonderful breed on paper and in pictures but in reality, they are not a breed for everyone. 

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Someone who learned

Monday 19th of February 2024

I would add this…. Those on a budget or with limited funds for a dog. Grooming costs, flea and tick medicine costs are double. Short life span, vet bills are more due to size.

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