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Do Newfoundlands Bark A Lot?

Do Newfoundlands bark a lot? 

The Newfoundland is a big dog with a deep, loud bark.

Just like with any dog, barking is one of the ways that dogs communicate with their humans. 

How often a dog barks and why they bark is really based on the individual dog and such is the case with the Newfoundland breed

Some Newfies are known to bark a lot while others will hardly ever let out a woof. 

Newfies are a smart breed and they know how to communicate with their owners. 

Some may communicate through barking, some may communicate by constantly tapping you with their paw, nudging you with their head, licking you, and others will use their eyes to communicate. 

I’ve had one Newfoundland that I would consider a barker.

Leroy would bark at a lot of things and nothing at all. 

newfoundland dog in yard barking


He would bark for hours just to hear himself if I let him and he would give us an earful if he wanted something. 

Sherman barked when he wanted something, when things were chaotic, and when his water bowl had slobber in it. 

I can’t remember if Thunder was a barker which may mean that he didn’t do it often. 

Odin barks when he wants something and when he’s excited. 

landseer newfoundland getting ready to bark


He will also bark to alert us and I have heard him howl before. 

I still think that Leroy wins for the most barking as far as Newfoundlands in my life. 

Now if we’re comparing Newfoundlands to other dog breeds, let’s just say the Cardigan Welsh Corgi, the Corgi (in my short experience) wins hands down for barking. 

I’ve had a Beagle and now a Corgi and they have definitely barked more than any Newfoundland I’ve had. 

Do Newfoundlands Bark A Lot?

Compared to other breeds I don’t think that Newfies are big barkers however, barking is going to be based on the individual dog. 

Newfoundlands are going to bark but how much they will bark I don’t think anyone can tell you with certainty.  

A lot will depend on their personality and how they were raised. 

newfoundland dog barking

Newfoundlands are known for being protective of their families so they might only bark to alert their owners that danger is near. 

Now, what that danger is can also vary. 

It could be a stranger approaching the house or it could be an object that you put on the table that wasn’t there before. 

Most Newfies will have a deep, loud bark that will often startle their families if they’re not expecting it and strangers. 

Most Common Reasons That Newfies Bark

Again, this will vary based on the individual Newfoundland but some common reasons that a Newfie will bark are:

They Want Something

They are trying to get your attention because they want a cookie, petted, to go outside, to let you know it’s almost time to feed them, or because you’re sitting in their spot. 

Danger Is Near 

While Newfoundlands are not known to be “guard dogs” they do have a good sense when danger is near and they may bark to let you know. 

The type of danger could be a stranger near the house, someone getting too close to you, or a stick in the yard. 

Other ways Newfies may warn you of danger is to put themselves in between you and the perceived danger. 

You Are Having Too Much Fun

Newfies don’t like chaos so people being loud, running, splashing or yelling may lead them to bark.  

If you’ve ever had small children playing in a pool and a Newfie, most likely you’ve heard them barking. 

This is their water rescue instinct. 

Sherman used to do this all the time. 

He would sit right outside the pool and if the kids started getting loud or splashing a lot he would bark at them. 

dog newfoundlands bark a lot

Sherman would also bark a lot if we were playing loudly in the house and if we were wrestling he would put himself between us, especially with the kids. 

This was his nanny instinct.  

Odin does this too. 

Leroy would join in on the fun and start wrestling and he would completely ignore the kids in the pool. 

They’re Bored

A bored Newfie can be a loud destructive Newfie. 

They might be barking because they have nothing to do or because you’re ignoring them. 

It could also be because they have separation anxiety

Newfies are always happiest when they are with their families. 

If they are left alone for long periods of time regularly they may take their frustrations out by barking or by chewing things. 

How To Stop Unwanted Barking With Newfoundlands

I’m not a dog trainer but in my experience, unwanted barking is not an easy behavior to stop. 

First, you’ll need to figure out what type of barking you’re ok with and then reward that barking. 

Do you want your Newfie to bark at strangers?

do newfoundlands bark

Are you able to correct that behavior if you don’t?

The only type of barking that I tried to discourage with Leroy was excessive barking outside. 

It never seemed like he was trying to alert us of anything, it seemed like he liked to hear himself bark. 

He never barked at other animals like deer he would just sit or stand there and bark. 

We were advised to redirect this behavior and we did that by putting him in the house and then letting him back out after a certain timeframe. 

It took a while for this work but it did eventually. 

It was also recommended to us by a dog trainer not to yell at Leroy for barking but to use a calm, assertive voice. 

Sometimes when you yell or raise your voice a dog will think that you’re joining in with them. 


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I like that my Newfoundlands communicate with me through barking so I don’t try to discourage most of it but they also don’t bark nonstop. 

If you are having issues with a dog barking out the window you can try closing the blinds/drapes or purchasing privacy film to put over the windows. 

I’ve also seen it suggested to teach your dog to “speak” on command and then to teach “no speak.”

Pet Corrector image courtesy of Amazon

Another training tool is the Pet Corrector which produces a loud burst of air. I use this product a lot for unwanted behaviors with Finn but I have not tried it for barking. 

If you’re Newfoundland is barking excessively and you want it to stop I always advise speaking to a professional dog trainer for more options. 

*This post addresses barking with adult Newfies and not puppies. 

Does Your Newfoundland bark? When do they bark the most?







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Friday 6th of November 2020

Just posting to thank you for this blog. My newf (black male, 22 months old) has been an awesome experience so far, and this blog has been a great resource.

Also, I laughed at the description of "danger". My guy normally only barks when playing with other dogs, but he was growling,barking and backing away (he is more cautious than brave) from "danger" in the hallway last night--my husband's laundry.

On the other hand, the utter strangers doing construction in our home? Perfectly acceptable.


Monday 26th of October 2020

I just ordered the Pet Corrector, but for jumping not barking 😑 So far my 6 month old isn’t a huge barker.


Tuesday 27th of October 2020

I am in love with the Pet Corrector. I have the small one so I can carry it in my pocket and on walks. It's basically always close by!


Monday 26th of October 2020

HAHAHA. When I read the title, I answered to myself "not compared to Corgis!" Both breeds of Corgi are well known to be barkers, and excessive barking is probably the most commonly mentioned annoyance of both breeds. Our first Cardi was the worst - we wised up after that and really worked hard to nip the barking in the bud with each successive Cardi puppy.


Tuesday 27th of October 2020

I honestly am starting to think that Finn barks more than our Beagle! Hahahaha


Monday 26th of October 2020

two of mine barked outside and two did not, interestingly it was the females that barked. that said they bark inside when they want something Kona just cries when she wants something but they started life getting hand fed and the squeaky wheel got the milk and she learned quick..... :)


Tuesday 27th of October 2020

I've always wondered how barking is in different genders. I've never had a female Newfie before so I can't compare!


Monday 26th of October 2020

Our Lottie mostly only barks when she thinks I am in danger, usually when she sees other people outside while we are out for walkies. She barks inside when she hears something or perhaps sees someone walk by outside. These protective barks are almost always accompanied by a low rumbling growl, which makes me feel extremely safe. She has another bark though, which occurs when she's really playful, and it sounds completely different from the protective barks. Sometimes, when she's super excited she'll roll over on her back and kick her legs in the air, and bark/growl but in a non-threatening way. Though I suppose someone who doesn't know her might not recognize the play barks over the protective ones. Either way, I don't admonish her for barking, since it's never over the top, and as you say, it is her way of communicating.


Tuesday 27th of October 2020

That's how Odin's barks seem to be too. I like that he is alerting us and that he is aware of his surroundings. He howled the other night and it woke me up from a dead sleep. I didn't want to go out and see what it was so I told my husband to check. Lol. I think it was the coyotes but whatever it was, they went away!

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