Single Brown Milk Chocolate Hunk Seeks Single Brown Dark Chocolate Female

Single Brown Milk Chocolate Hunk Seeks Single Brown Dark Chocolate Female

Single brown chocolate hunk looking for a single brown chocolate babe for this weekend.

Likes include, long naps, snoring, steak, bacon, belly rubs, short walks in the snow, being called Shermie Wormie, car rides, dog’s of his size, yellow tennis balls, birds, making slobber bubbles, chewing on sticks, baths and cooling mats.

Dislikes include, legs being touched, being left alone, lettuce, pretzels, loud noises of any kind, his brother, crowds, rodents,  dog parks and semi trucks.


Single Brown Male Dog Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places.

Single Brown Male Dog Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places.

Spunky big boned brown male looking for a date this Sunday. Has a history of looking for love in all the wrong places, meaning he tries to date ladies of the human race instead of ladies from the canine race. Has never attempted to have a romantic relationship with the same specifies so this is a big and scary step in his canine life.

Likes to hump at unpredictable times,  long walks in the snow, a brisk game of fetch, barking out the window, head butts,  chicken, potato chips, green beans, being brushed, belly rubs, naps on the couch, drooling on tables and being told how handsome he is.

Single Brown Male Dog Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places.


Dislikes ears being touched, chewing, walking too slow, lettuce, carrots, being told No, Leave It, and Wait. Also dislikes pushy ladies, dogs barking on TV, baths and having to wait for his breakfast and dinner.


12 Beers That Pair Well With The Westminster Dog Show. Barks n’ Brews

12 Beers That Pair Well With The Westminster Dog ShowThe next few weeks are packed with great events and holidays. There’s the SuperBowl this weekend. Valentine’s Day next Sunday and The Westminster Dog Show February 15th and 16th. So many opportunities to enjoy a good beer but which day should I highlight for this week’s Barks n’ Brews?

Two of my favorite sports and the holiday of love.

Decisions. Decisions.

It’s definitely been difficult choosing but then I thought, why can’t good beer be paired with a good dog show?

The answer is simple, it can.

See, I’m giving you another reason to go find a good craft beer. Everybody is writing about what beer to drink for the Superbowl, what appetizers to make for the big game that use beer as an ingredient, what beer to give to your secret admirer, what beer pairs good with chocolate covered strawberries,  BUT WE’RE talking about what beer pairs well with a dog show. Nobody else is going to go there because they don’t realize it’s a good thing. It’s a good thing, I’m telling you.

And……………………………….I love you guys man. <3

Here’s 12 dog-themed beers that are sure to allow you to relax and enjoy the show craft beer style!



Back Seat Berner. Berner Lovers Unite! The first year-round IPA in Otter Creek history, Backseat Berner is an American beauty that’s loaded with juicy hops. Like Oslo, Brewmaster Mike’s 150 pound Bernese mountain dog that adorns the label, Backseat Berner is your everyday companion for life’s adventures. This brew clocks in at 7% ABV with 68 IBUs, so load up your buds and partake in this juicy exploration of American hops.





Alpha Dog Imperial IPA. Because really, we all want to be the alpha dog. A True Hop Bomb Brewed plenty of Columbus and Mt Hood Hops for a Piney hop character. Premium Pale, Honey and Munich Malt make this beer a little less malty but packing plenty of hop punch. ABV-8%. IBU-126.8 Laughing Dog Brewing is a craft beer brewery based in Sandpoint, Idaho.


double dog


Double Dog. Double the IPA double the fun! Brewed by Flying Dog in Frederick, MD. Citrus hops with sweet malt and subtle alcohol burn (like a kiss on the cheek. ABV-11.5%. IBU-85.Flying dog has several exotic and catchy names for their beers.  Read about how this brewery got it’s name HERE. It’s pretty interesting, bizarre amazing, and dog-related in an odd way.





Sea Dog Stout. A company inspired by the late Barney, a Great Pyrenees. Barney was the Sea Dog’s brewmaster and figure head. He began sailing at 3 months of age and thus acquired the nickname of “Sea Dog.” Sea Dog Stout is a classic Irish Stout. Full bodied yet soft and spectacular in appearance. This stout has a smooth roasted flavor and is very well-balanced. ABV-4.7%. Sea Dog Brewery is located in Maine and they have a wide variety of beers.



Dog Hair Don’t Care? Say It With Farfetched Apparel.

FarFetched Apparel

If I had a dime for every time that I muttered “Dog hair don’t care”  I would be able to buy you all a beer at Happy Hour this Thursday.

“Moooooommm, there’s dog hair in my spaghetti.” Don’t care.

The other day I was at the store and my husband said, “You have dog hair all over the back of your pants.”

“Don’t care.” I said.

You get my drift.

I seriously don’t care. If I cared I wouldn’t have Newfoundlands.

Dog hair on the couch.

It’s going to happen because we allow Leroy to sleep wherever his big, fluffy butt desires.


Barks n’ Brews. Dogfish Head

Happy Friday! Welcome to this edition of Barks n’ Brews!

Before we get started on this week’s craft beer feature I have to tell you guys about my adventure to the beer store.

As I mentioned last week, I was on the prowl for a new location to check out some craft beers. I located one that was pretty close by but at the last minute I found out about another one that was about 1/2 hour away. The store had great reviews so I decided to hit that one.

I dragged my husband along because I’m not allowed to venture to beer stores alone that aren’t in our neighborhood just yet. I don’t have a good track record with stuff like that.

I get lost easily. Lock my keys in the car at the worst possible times. And just stupid stuff happens to me,  o.k.

So when we arrived at our destination I was super excited. My husband was less excited. When we walked into the store I was immediately overwhelmed. The store was small, not much bigger than my basement. It was packed to the ceiling with beer and the aisles were slim.

The store was bustling and I immediately began to panic.

I had no idea what I was going to do. No plan and my husband was already starting to fidget. (He doesn’t like small, crowded spaces)

After my third pass through the store I thought I better get a game plan going or I was going to be leaving empty handed.

I HAD to narrow things down so I picked a brand and then after another 3 passes through the store picked a style.

It was one of the most stressful picks to date.

My pick was DogFish. This brand was on my list to try.

And I picked an Indian Brown Ale. I was diggin the American Brown Ale last week so I thought I would keep it going. Oh Jen, when are you going to learn?


Understanding Breed Standards And Breed Parent Clubs

breed 2

The 140th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show is right around the corner on February 15-16th. It’s one of the oldest sporting events to date and one of my all time favorite events to watch.

The show draws in dog lovers of all shapes and and sizes at Madison Square Garden in New York. It’s also one of the few dog shows that can be seen live on T.V.   It’s a time to see all the top dogs compete for Best In Show and cheer for your favorite breed.

Over the years dog shows, Westminster in particular, because it’s the oldest and most publicized,  have come under heavy scrutiny by the public. I’ve never hid the fact that I think all the trash talking is unjustified and that it’s basically uneducated opinions of people who have never taken the time to really understand the sport. One of the MANY reasons that I think it’s misunderstood is because there is a lot of people out there that have no clue what breed standard means.

Today I’d like to break that down and make it a little more clear.


There’s A New Pink Ball In Town


Imagine being at your 11 year old daughter’s birthday party and one of her friends gives her a gift bag. Inside this gift bag is something pink, furry and ball shaped.

Now remember who her mother is.

This pink, furry, ball shaped thing resembles the structure of a FurBallz BUT the FurBallz don’t come in pink so the curiosity increases.


You can’t see the face of the furry thing because it’s inside of a bag and every time you go to grab it out of the bag your husband catches you and shoos you away.

Finally your daughter opens her gifts and you find out it is almost exactly like a FurBallz but it’s not! It’s a Fuzzbies and it has a name! Her name is Smoochies!


Barks n’ Brews. Old Brown Dog

Happy Friday! Welcome to our 3rd Barks n’ Brews!

Are you having fun with this yet? I am!

Thank you to everyone who is leaving feedback and suggestions! I truly appreciate it!

This week I nailed it!

I think I may have found the beer style that was meant for my palette.

Let’s get straight to it!

Barks n' Brews Old Brown Dog Ale

This week’s Barks n’ Brews post is dedicated to Old Brown Dog.  Go figure.

Featured Brew: Old Brown Dog by Smuttynose in New Hampshire. American Brown Ale. 6.5% ABV. 29.5 IBU.

Flavor: “Old Brown Dog has been cited as a classic example of the “American Brown Ale” style of beer. Compared to a typical English Brown Ale, Old Brown Dog is fuller-bodied and more strongly hopped.”


Not The Informational Post I Was Going For But…….


I made a promise to myself at the beginning of the year to try and consistently post 3 times a week because for the last few months of 2015 I slacked and I don’t want to be a slacker.

My goal was to post a fun post, an informational post and a Barks n’ Brews post each week.  My informational post that I had planned for today isn’t quite ready.

Alright. Fine. It’s not even started.

Gah. I’m such a slacker.

BUT I can resolve this issue right here, right now and give you an informational post of why I don’t have an informational post ready.


Instead of pre-writing an informational post when I was suppose to I came home from work and made dinner. Grilled cheese, tomato soup and french fries. Yum.

Then I fed the dogs.

After that I went to get on my laptop but Bobby stole it from me because he needed to do his homework. So then I trimmed Sherman’s nails, getting as close to that secret grey dot as I could, and then cleaned Leroy’s ears. Next I snuggled up  to Leroy because he was super toasty and I was super cold.


Tell The Weatherman To Say That To My Face


It’s a frigid 7 degrees here in Ohio today.

Weatherbug tells me it feels like -12 and that my nose hairs will freeze immediately upon exposure.

The furnace is struggling to keep up. It may make it the rest of the day. It may not.

The weatherman warns to not leave pets out for a prolonged periods of time for the next several days.