Resting Easy

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This long Thanksgiving weekend we took the advice from a new dog glass that I got.

Instead of hitting the stores and fighting with crowds we stayed in and spent a lot of time on the couches watching movies.

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Snuggled up, even though it wasn’t that cold outside.

I even fell asleep with Leroy one night.


Deck The Howls Holiday Giveaway

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Happy Friday! I hope that everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving at that your bellies are FULL! I know mine is!

Today I’m so excited to be partnering with some of my absolute favorite pet bloggers to bring you this AMAZING giveaway just in time for the holiday season!

Joining me for this big holiday giveaway are these awesome blogs:

That’s a great list, right? So here’s how it works. There are 3 awesome prizes that you can enter to win:


From Our Table To Yours


From our table to yours we hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and friends.

I know things aren’t quite right with the world these days.

I feel the sadness and fear too.


But I hope we will all be able to enjoy the day and give thanks to one another.

I hope you will have juicy turkeys and perfect stuffing.

I hope your cranberry sauce doesn’t run into the mashed potatoes.


When You Grow Up With Newfies #ShedHappens

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growing up newfies

When I met my first Newfoundland back when I was 5 years old, I was terrified.

It was my aunt’s dog and I would NOT go into her house until she put that ginormous black slobbery beast away.

I might of only been 5 but I was no dummy. A dog that could look me straight in the eye and slobber in my hair was not my cup of apple juice.

Fast forward 30 plus years and that’s my life. Ginormous hairy beasts that slobber.

Not only is it my life…. but it’s also the life of my kids.

Newfies are what they know.

Bobby was 5 when we got Sherman and Gracie was 2.

These are their childhood dogs and I couldn’t be happier with my choice to have them grow up with Newfoundlands.


Woof You


Thank you to everyone for the heart felt birthday wishes for Sherman!

The above picture has absolutely nothing to do with this post but I think it’s adorable and if I’m going to be 100% honest, I tried to get a picture with Sherman this weekend on his birthday and things did not go as planned.

First I tried with my daughter’s new selfie stick and that was a debacle. Apparently I’m the only one in the world who can’t figure out how to work that thing.

First the phone fell off the stick and I almost died because it was my NEW phone that fell to the ground. Then, when I finally got it back on the stick, it did a flash burst of 30 pictures. All of which were of my wall. I didn’t even know my phone could this and I’ll probably never be able to get it to do it again.


Happy Birthday To A Beautiful Soul.


I always struggle when it comes to Sherman’s birthday post.

A simple happy birthday doesn’t quite cut it.

A long drawn out post doesn’t cut it either AND it would make me cry.

Sherman means the world to me and he has my heart. I’m pretty sure I’ve expressed that quite often over the 6 years here on the blog.

The fact is,

Sherman is 9 today.

For anyone that owns a Newf you know what I’m talking about.

He’s right in the middle of the “average life span” for a Newf and I would be lying if I said I didn’t recognize that.

Words can’t describe how I feel about him.

What fits right now is this picture, taken last week, with this quote.

Happy Birthday Sherman.

You have the most beautiful soul of any dog I know.


When Big Dogs Block Appliances


Living with a gentle breed dog can sometimes be challenging, especially when your giant dog has the “wherever you go I follow” philosophy.

Sherman has this philosophy and sometimes it gets in your way, especially when your in the kitchen trying to make magic happen.

I don’t know what it is about big dogs that they have to lie in front of every appliance that you need to get to. It’s like they just know.

I’m going to lie right here because I know she’s going to need to get in here eventually and she’s going to feel so guilty for making me move that she’ll give me a hug or a cookie. 

Take Sherman.

Every single day he does this.


When Do We Eat?


It seems like everybody is skipping Thanksgiving and moving straight on to Christmas.

Everywhere we go it’s Christmas this and Christmas that.

This weekend, at our local mall, they woke up Santa Claus. I’m pretty sure Santa wanted to sleep until the day before Thanksgiving.

I walked into Sears and they were playing Christmas music. I walked right out.

The center of town is all decorated for Christmas and when I drive by I do my best not to look. I’d rather see some turkeys and pilgrims around town.

I want to deck the halls too, but after Thanksgiving.


Help Keep Dogs Healthy With #DogThanking This November.

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Whenever I read an article or someone  says  “dogs don’t like hugs”,  I’m pretty sure that they’ve never met Sherman and Leroy. I understand that some dogs may not like hugs, just like some people don’t like hugs, but when a 170 pound dog walks up to you and rests his head on his shoulder, you give that dog a hug.  Those hugs make my heart smile and I’m extremely thankful for them.

This November we’re celebrating the National Dog Show Presented by Purina with a very special #DogThanking program.

Join us this month and post a photo of why you are thankful for your dog on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. Include the @Purina and #DogThanking and Purina will donate $1 to the AKC Canine Health Foundation (up to $75,000).  


Spike Gets A Perfect Start In His New Home #APIfish

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API Perfect Start


When I was growing up the first pet that I could call my own was a bird named Georgio. He was a finch and he was as quite as could be but after a few nights of him sleeping in my room him and his cage ended up in another room with my sister.

My second pet was a pair of newts. Unfortunately, they didn’t make it very long.

My third pet was a kissing fish.

He lived an extremely long time.

Fast forward to my kids.

I think it’s extremely important for kids to have their own pets that they are responsible for caring for. It’s a requirement in my house. They can’t go to college without having cared for at least 2 pets of their own.

Bobby has 2 fish and a guinea pig that he calls his own.

His fish have been alive for EVER.

Now it’s Gracie’s turn to have a pet she can call her own.


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