This Is The Most Boring Halloween Post, Ever.

Happy Halloween to all you ghost and goblins out there!

This is usually one of my more fun posts of the year but since I took an oath last month NOT to dress Leroy up this year it’s one of my most boring Halloween posts….EV-AR.

All I have is this witches hat.


Sitting alone.

On a chair.


Sherman doesn’t usually do well being dressed so he’s not very much help to me and the kids are just being totally boring this year.

Bobby’s dressing up as Kevin Love. A basetball player from the Cavs. So scary and creative….NOT.

Gracie’s going as a minion which is cute but every other kid her age is also dressing up as minion. Normally Gracie does something fun….. like last year she was a zombie cheerleader. So cool.

This year, not so much.

Nobody’s cool this year and to top it off it’s suppose to snow tonight.

Yep. Coldest night of the season so far and I can’t even take the dogs with me trick or treating because Sherman’s has a thing about zombies and I’m afraid Leroy would just knock all the kids down and steal their candy.

Now all I have is this 3 year old picture of Leroy as a ghost.


Gross Factor. A Close Look At An SLO Dog Nail

The other morning I woke up to a blood bath in my kitchen.

Turns out the blood bath was also in my family room but I didn’t realize that until I turned all the lights on in my house.

I knew it was coming from one of the dogs because if it would of been one of the kids I would of been awoken by the sound of panic.

Of course, given the circumstances, my first crazy thought was that Leroy was internally bleeding all over my house.

Hey. I was half asleep.

But when I looked at his happy little face and inspected his area I knew it wasn’t him.

Then I caught the sad little Sherman face sitting in the corner and I knew exactly what was going on.

Sherman had lost a nail.

On which paw he lost a nail was still to be determined but that didn’t take long because when he got up and took a few steps it was obvious it was the left front paw, digit 5 which would be the nail on the outside, furthest away from the dewclaw.

I was able to get the bleeding stopped with some clotting powder and then quickly put his bootie on so it would stay clotted.

I was even able to locate the nail to show you guys!!!

You can thank me later.

So why did Sherman lose a nail?

Sherman has a condition called SLO.

Short for Symmeterical Lupoid Onychodystrophy.

SLO is a condition that is considered to be an auto immune disease that affects the nails of dogs.

SLO can affect dogs differently.

Some dogs experiencing sloughing of the nail, split nails, receding quicks and separation of the nail from the quick.

Sherman’s nails tend to separate from the quick at the base of the nail.



Mischief Mind.


Little by little it seems as though Leroy is getting back to himself.

While he looks different on the outside his mind is definitely getting back to normal which is a bad thing and a good thing.

It’s a good thing because of course it shows that he’s feeling better but it’s a bad thing because it means he is getting back into mischief. Mischief that I would rather not have him getting into because it’s mischief that’s not good for him or for me.

Here’s what I’m talking about:

We had our annual clambake 2 weeks ago and Bobby’s 13th birthday party last week. I was nervous about both parties, but more so the clambake because of Leroy and his current health status and after quite a few days of going back and forth, my husband and I decided to go ahead and keep our plans.

I was super nervous that Leroy would get into some of the food that was around and that all the happenings would just overwhelm him which is why, much to his displeasure, he was kept in his cage for most of the clambake.

We let him join the party after most of the guests left and the food was put away. Rules were explained to the remaining guests to keep all food out of reach and no matter how pathetic Leroy looked at them, not to feed him anything or he would die.

Hey. I had to be stern.


How To Talk To Your Dog About The Ebola Virus

As the mass hysteria reaches all new heights in the outbreak of the Ebola virus I thought we should all take a step back and have a little fun with a serious but out of control situation.

**Please note I am not making light of this situation. Wait…..yes I am because it has been all over the news, in my news feed and on my radio and I can’t take it anymore.

So the Ebola virus is apparently here in the U.S.

Actually, it was here or is here. In my state. One county over.

About 30 minutes south of me which means that someone I know….. knows someone who knows someone who knows someone who knows someone who knows someone who may have had contact with the person infected with Ebola who traveled to Ohio at some point in time somewhere.

Which means absolutely nothing but since the media thinks it does and some local schools and shops were closed and people stopped going to work and experts recommended that I talk to my kids about Ebola I thought I should also have a talk with Sherman and Leroy about it because they are family too.

My kids weren’t very concerned about the Ebola virus when I sat down and talked to them about it. They know what’s going on because it’s been plastered everywhere but luckily my kids are pretty chill when it comes to things like this so our talk basically began and ended how every flu season talk goes:

Life goes on. Wash your hands and then wash them some more.

My conversation with Sherman and Leroy was a little more in depth because Sherman is a germ freak and Leroy’s just careless about germs.


So here are my main tips if you find the need to have a special talk about Ebola with your dog.


Top Halloween Pet Photo Contests 2014


Grand Prize Winner of the 2012 Pets Adviser Halloween Pet Photo Contest

For the past several years I’ve had a blast dressing Leroy up for Halloween. He’s always such a good sport with all of it and every year he totally rocks whatever creation I’ve conjured up.

I’ve also had a blast entering him in various pet Halloween photo contests over the years and we’ve been very fortunate to actually win a few of them. Normally we enter for the shear fun of it and also to win money for rescue organizations and of course, fun prizes are also a plus.

This year I’ve opted to NOT dress Leroy up in a costume because of all he’s been through already this year. I’m sure he would be an awesome sport about it but I just can’t justify it.

Of course, I still want to live vicariously through all of you who choose to get into the spirit of Halloween with your pets so here’s our annual list of this years top Halloween Pet Photo Contests 2014

Pets Adviser.

Pets Adviser 4th Annual Halloween Photo Contest. 1 grand prize winner will receive a $1,000 donation to the registered 501(c)3 non-profit animal rescue or shelter of the winner’s choice. A featured article on Pet’s Adviser about that rescue or shelter and $100! Plus 3 other prizes will be awarded that include a $250 donation, featured article on Pets Adsviser about that shelter/rescue and $50!  Entries close October 22nd!

Old Mother Hubbard.

One of Sherman’s favorite treats have been turned into Creepy Crunchers for Halloween! You should check them out and then enter Old Mother Hubbard’s Creepy Crunchers Halloween Dog Costume Contest! One grand prize winner will receive a year’s supply of Old Mother Hubbard’s dog treats and ten runner’s up will receive an Old Mother Hubbard prize pack with an assortment of Old Mother Hubbard treats and/or coupons. All entries must be submitted by October 31st.


It’s Time To Pumpkin Everything


I love fall…or autumn.

It’s always been my favorite season of the year for various reasons.

I love the fall colors, I love sweater weather. I love Halloween and of course I love everything pumpkin, especially pumpkin spice.

Right now my house has been taking over by every pumpkin scent you can think of.

Sweet cinnamon pumpkin, pumpkin cupcake, pumpkin glazed doughnut, apple pumpkin… get the picture.

Every room is a different pumpkin scent.

It’s glorious.

But I kinda feel sorry for my husband who isn’t a big fan of pumpkin spice scents.

“Do we have anything that’s NOT pumpkin scented?” he asked me the other day.

“Negative Ghost Rider. The house is full of pumpkin spice” I said.


Leroy And IBD. WARNING: This Post Exceeds The Maximum Word Count.


I’ve had quite a few questions regarding Leroy over the past few weeks so today I’d like to take the time to try and answer those as best as I can. While I’ve been sharing most of what we know about his condition I’m sure I have unintentionally left a few things out.

I’ll start with the most frequently asked questions and if I miss anything don’t be shy to ask!

 What is Leroy’s diagnosis?

Leroy has been diagnosed with Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Protein Losing Enteropathy and he may also have a condition called Canine Intestinal lymphangiectasia.

I know.

Those are a lot of big words and conditions that you may not of heard of so I will do my best to break them down for you.  Please keep in mind that this is all new to me and I’m still learning.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease also known as IBD and  not to be confused with IBS, is a condition that causes inflammation in the intestines. Basically inflammatory cells invade the wall of the stomach or the intestines. This inflammation causes the intestines not to be able to absorb nutrients as well which can then lead to diarrhea, vomiting and weight loss.

IBD can be seen in any dog but is more commonly seen in middle aged and older dogs. There is normally no specific cause of IBD but sensitivities to certain foods and allergens are common.


There is no cure for IBD but in some cases it can be controlled with medication and diet but we will get to that in a minute.


A Dash Of Dog Hair


The other night I was dishing up dinner for the kids.

We were having ham and noodles.

As I dished up a plate for Gracie I noticed a dog hair. There was no mistaking it. It was definitely a Sherman hair.

Like any good mother would do I picked it out and threw it on the floor and moved onto dishing up a plate for Bobby.

Same thing happened.

Another Sherman hair in the ham and noodles.

Apparently this dish called for a dash of dog hair.


Getting Back On Track With Natural Stride


It’s time that this blog gets back on track.

Enough dilly dallying.

We have things to do and things to talk about and what better way to get back on track than with our monthly giveaway of Natural Stride joint supplements from Natural Solutions!

As most of you know because I’ve talked about it several times. Natural Stride is our go to joint supplement for Sherman. We’ve been using it for close to a year now and couldn’t be happier with the results which is why we are proud to of partnered with the great folks at Natural Strife to bring you monthly giveaways, great discounts and new product information as it becomes available.


Sherman Sends A Message


I’ve had a few people ask me how Sherman was doing with Leroy being sick.

I can assure you that Sherman is doing just fine and was not nearly as affected by Leroy’s illness as we were.

Don’t get me wrong, he was affected…. but not by Leroy’s lack of presence. Sherman was more concerned that we were upset and that the general tone in his home was not of its usual nature.

He knew we were all upset and that I was coming and going more often than normal. He could smell Leroy  on me but he hadn’t seen him in several days.

So yes, he was moderately affected to the point that he gave himself a nice lick sore on the top of his front paws. Sherman does this when he is stressed.

Again, I can assure you it wasn’t sympathy licks for Leroy.


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